This is no ability, but wisdom is an uderstanding knowledge tool used to solve cases and situations. In fact, from biblical times, to the declaration of independence, wisdom has been used over numerous times to settle conflicts, ease of tensions, even fixing the problem that one or more group of people are in. Wisdom is also the act of being aware of your surroundings, that would allow you to think of the actions before doing it. A person can do no better than the one who is being careful and thinking closely of their responsibility.

How does one uses wisdom?Edit

To use wisdom, you must be born again in spirit (be born of the holy ghost and your sins to be washed away) then, the seven gifts of the holy ghost, will come upon you, and you must use them to have the wisdom in today's world. Understanding, knowledge, Fearing God, piety (doing good) fortitude, even couseling. Also, ask God for wisdom to preach to people so they can learn by his perfect ways, and living in righteous

This is one of the main keys to help people avoid wrong in the world.

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