The Valley of Light is a sacred place in another dimension that Peace, Joy, Happiness and positive energy flows from. This will be access by either astral projection or making some type of Energy door that leads to where and how you want your training place to look like. We can also have our rest and meetings to establish on how to change the world.

People and buildings in the ValleyEdit

Their are people in the valley who trains with swords and other weapons, Wearing energy armor of sort, People meditating under amazing stars, Buildings have has great  beautiful stones built Around it. Sounds like Heaven, does'nt it? In a way it is, but not compare of what God is making.

Council ChamberEdit

Only those in the Light walkers can enter the council chambers. This chamber is where we arrange our meetings, decisions, and finding those who are interested in keeping peace in their area, to train them. It is also where we will discuss the agreement of alliances in different groups.

Training roomEdit

The training room will be almost in infinite stretch, and the room's temperature can be changed by the user to heat, cold, warm, or extremes. They can also shift the gravity inside the room to any g level they want for advance practice. energy blades, staffs, and others will be used to help the person develop their skills with

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