Who is God? God is our creator who made the universe, and multiverse billions of years ago. A eternal living deity who's strength and power will never end. He is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. He is perfect, our protection, and the one we all love. He is also the light that shines away darkness from the world we live in. His ways of Light is what we need to follow for people to get along with each other. unlike other gods, he has always been their, and never will he die. In my everyday life, i pray to the Father day and night for the forgiveness of sin through this entire planet. i ask him to bless us all the strength, wisdom, and knowledge to over the nature of the Planet we live. I know he always is listening to our prayers, and granting us the things we ask for the journey we are on to. It was his Light that inspired me to make this wiki, to use the abilities for defense, and help others to understand that he always has something waiting for us day by day of his promise. God is the Father, the Son, and Holy ghost. In other words, all 3 of them called the trinity, are all God, whole and entirely. Never lose faith in God, for he is the one who sent his son to live his life perfectly for us, and help us bring Peace closer to God, and have that great reward that Jesus is preparing for us in Heaven. trust in him, and Jesus.