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Pineal Gland[1]Edit

A small, almost pea sized gland in your brain. It sits between the two lobes of the brain and controls the flow of seratonin and melatonin. It is also the gland that produces the drug, DMT, at birth and at death. It is said to control your imagination when you are younger and shrinks due to lack of use as you get older. It also calcifies due to flouride and high quantities of vitamin c. The pineal gland is also know as the third eye. So a small, calcified, inactive pineal gland, is like your third eye in a cage. However there are ways to break the cage, or pop the calcified casing around your pineal gland. Good food, about twenty minutes of sun, and a good amount of rest really helps. Then it's up to you to flex and train your mind with meditation to pop or crack your gland. You can hear it as it pops. Most people have an astral projection or intense vision of some sort. Afterwards, you experience fuzzy vision and sometimes headaches, but this is just your vision adjusting. Auras should be prominent and you may see weird anomalies happening around you. I feel like this is a real key to learning any kinesis. And with a properly trained pineal gland, or third eye, your imagination could be brought to life and then anything is possible.

The Third Eye[2]Edit

The Third Eye is a skill that allows one born without an inherited aura seeing ability to see the ki and/or psi stored in the objects displayed in his/her vision. This ability is used to determine the strength of one's ki, view spirits and entities, or just because it's cool. To obtain this characteristic one must have great mental power and have at least a little over moderate intelligence (I'd say at least an A and B student in school). If none of this applies to you, you must train your mind a lot, or you can study. Before we move on, let's look into what an aura is.


The strength of one's ki can be measured by his/her/its aura. An aura is the radiation of ki from an object or person, seen as a veil of neon green energy around the object. When the person or thing (and by "thing", I mean an animal because inanimate objects can't get angry, of course) is angry, the veil turns red. The aura of a person can be amplified with a ki flame power-up.


Now that you know what an aura is, we can now learn how to see them with your Third Eye. Note that this may not work instantly. Now, let's go see some energy!

  1. Sit in a comfortable position and begin meditating.
  2. Open up your Third Eye chakra. To do so, look at the technique on this page.
  3. Imagine your Third Eye chakra forming an energy link with your eyes. You may need to sit there for a minute or two while doing this step.
  4. Visualize your Third Eye chakra becoming an actual eye in the middle of your forehead.
  5. Mentally tell yourself that your new "eye" can see deep into your surroundings and reveal the ki stored in every single molecule.

You can then open your eyes and stop meditating. You might notice a neon green glow around the objects of your surroundings, which indicates the training has worked. In order to fully inherit this ability, one must practice this training a lot over a long period of time. Once you do inherit it, you won't have to perform the exercise, as you will be able to see auras at will.

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