Telepathy is the power to communicate the mind of others from a distance. beginners start as a small distance, to greater levels at long range. You can also make a small group, and messages to others like texting, only to recognize what it is they are saying. In using telepathy, it also can be used to feel the emotions of an individual, sort of linked to empathy, but in a lesser extent. This is not like in the movies, and can take a long while to develop. 

Developing telepathyEdit

Color PapersEdit

In order to do this exercise you will need one more person and five papers of different colors. First you need to place in front of the other person and use a separator so you can’t see each other. Then you must take the papers and select them one by one, creating a list of colors. While doing this you need to transfer mentally each color you choose to the other person until you reach a strong feeling that the thought was sent. The other person will write down a list also with the colors received. If there is a coincidence in more than 20% of the attempts, we can say that there is telepathic communication. This exercise can be repeated as much as you want in order to get better results.

Cards and DrawingsEdit

Once you have succeeded with the previous exercise you can take it to the next level and try the same with poker cards or geometric drawings. It is important to be always acquainted with the forms and colors being treated. As the coincidences increase, you can raise the difficulty with more complex drawings.

Individual Telepathy TrainingEdit

It is also possible to train individually. In order to do this you can go to public places and place close to someone trying to focus deeply in his/her thoughts. Once focused, you can think about something like “turn around, turn around, turn around” and see what happens. You should keep track of how many times it worked. It is important to consider that if the other person has strong concerns it will be hard to succeed, so this is a really hard exercise. At first it may be helpful to try looking at the eyes.

Telepathy Training With AnimalsEdit

It is said that animals have mental messages transmission more developed than us. You can try to communicate with your pet and see if the mental messages that you send have any effect in the pet’s reaction. If you have a pet with a nervous essence this won’t work as well as if you have a quiet pet. As I said above, in order to make telepathy training to work you need to focus, relax, believe in telepathy, and persevere with the exercises.

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