Telekinesis is the natural ability to move objects with the mind alone. This ability is useful to do great many things like levitation, crushing objects, and other things with enough training. This ability was discovered in the 1800's and it was claimed to move objects by Ghosts, the supernatural and such. Later on, it was renamed as Psychokinesis to take in more of a serious ability that was done by the mind of humans, to do more and greater things with than just telekinesis. for beginners, you would need to start on small objects and gradually go on to bigger one's and possibly to levitate them, shut doors, lift yourself up, Make psi balls, and many other good things. The more you practice, the stronger it becomes.

 Understanding of TelekinesisEdit

This power, like any other ability requires the user's concentration, and becoming one with the object. To become one with the object, it means to see it as a extension of the body (limbs, arms, even legs) once you got it done, you will have a feeling that you're connected with it, and from there, you think of nothing, just move it. Telekinesis is not an easy ability to advance on overnight, it will take time from all that you spend time doing, which won't be easy to do. Start out small like pens, pieces of paper, feathers and caps. Practice this level for a while, and when you feel that you are prepared for the next level, start with nice size rocks and move on to bigger objects. Don't rush through the process, relax and have fun. It's not a race, it's all about developing your skills you never learned before. Remember, always to relax and have a cleared mind. Without it, no results will show. Next, begin building your concentration. The better it is, the more chance you will move your object on your first few attempts. Third, connect with the object. Visualize it's energy mixed with yours, or it being an extension part of you. This step is critical for the effects to happen. Finally, visualize the object moving or doing other things you want it to happen. 

1.  Replace doubt with a 'positive can do attitude'. Also meditate (you don't have to do it, but it does resolve stress of the mind and body).

2 practice concentration for at least 5 to 10 mins each day, for this helps to connect with objects.

3. be determined. If you keep it up, you'll be able to more things than you normally could do.

4. Never give up. Don't stop if you don't get results right away. it's not a race. Think of it as a game.

5. Always connect with the object when you attempting trying to move them. This goes hand to hand with concentration. 

6. Just do it. Don't think about it, just move the object.


i give credit to psi wki and learn telekinesis training for these exercises

Pen roll:Find a pen that can be easy to move. Set the pen on the table, sit up straight and make sure you don't bump into the table. Take a few moments to relax your breathing and your mind. Use the energy of your mind to move the pen across the table. Try all the ways of connecting with the object: energy vs thought waves. basically, think of your the energy of your mind flowing like waves from your brain to the pen and visualize the pen rolling across the table.

Paper Push: Find a piece of paper of 4 inches of corner and mentally push against the corners. In your minds eye, look at the paper from a cellular level. See your minds energy connecting with the cells of the paper and pushing it.

Floating toothpick:Get a bowl of water and set the toothpick on the water. Let the water settle down and make sure you don"t bump the table or blow the toothpick. When everything is settled, use your minds energy to push it across the water to the other side of the bowl.

Floating feather: Look for a clear jar and a feather. put the feather in the jar so that no wind can make it move. Use Telekinesis to levitate the feather. Let your energy connect with the cells (cellular level) of the feather. Feel the individual strings within the feather. In your minds eye, let the energy of your mind pick up one strings of the feather at a time until  the feather begins to float.

if this does not work, try visualizing your minds energy as a wind. Let yourself feel the wind as it leaves from your third eye your body through your third eye. All the wind blowing through the jar and lift the feather in to the air. Once you got that, use your mind to make it move where ever you want it to at your will (command).

candle bending: You need to find a candle that is safe and steady in front of you. Light the candle and set it in front of you. I recommend that the flame is slightly above your vision and some distances away from your breathing from moving the flame. Make sure all ac units, fans, windows, and everything else that causes drafts to turn them off for a sure accomplishment. Let the candle sit and burn for some moments to see if their are any drafts left. You want to have a solid bend, not an flicker. Use Telekinesis and see your energy interacting with the flame of the candle on a cellular level. When the two energies are meshed, let your minds energy bend the flame.

Another way you can do TK is first by finding a quiet place to meditate at for 10 mins. This will help to interact with the subconsious mind. Once you done that, find a small object like pen or pencil, and concentrate on it for 5 minutes without your mind wondering off. The next step is connecting with it. you can close your eyes, or have them open. Visualize the object in your mind. Believe you and the object are one. When you feel that you are connected, use the subconsious mind to move it. Trust me, this exercise reallly works, and people had tried this.

Roll objects:

  1. Meditate and relax from 5 minutes up to a hour, although this is step is optional it will greatly help with your skill
  2. Get a small object like a toothpick, pencil, or feather. Later you can progess onto larger objects.
  3. Place it in front of you and visualize it moving slightly. This way, as it helps: Imagine a copy of your hand floating near the object you want to roll or shake(with/without the arm) and visualize it pushing the pencil as if you would. You can also visualize your energy connecting with the object's energy then using that connection to move it.

This teaches the psion how to simply connect with the pencil and change the potential to kinetic energy...

The Push-Pull ability

  1. Fold a sheet of paper in half and set it up where is standing.
  2. Visualize strings of energy connecting and grabbing the energy of the paper.
  3. Visualize the paper either falling down towards you or pushing away.
  • (Push) Concentrate on the paper pushing away from you like a magnet, visualize the string of energy forcefully pushing and as a sudden burst like an explosive reaction.
  • (Pull) Concentrate on the paper falling over, visualize the string sucking up the energy like a vacuum but not absorbing only sucking so it comes closer to you.

This technique teaches the psion the concept of pushing and pulling an object.

Psi wheel spin:

  1. Make a psi wheel. You don't know how? Look it up on Learn telekinesis training
  2. Get a clear bowl and put the psi wheel under the glass bowl.
  3. Clear your mind and relax.
  4. First pick a direction. clockwise or counter clockwise then imagine the energy spinning in that direction.
  5. Once you have visualized that then focus your energy to the psi wheel and make it turn.
  6. Now change it to spin in the other direction. This way is very hard
  7. And now back the original direction.

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