Superhuman powers

super Magnet man

Superhumans are those who are more advance people that are either born with the abilities, Used biokinesis, or even having implants installed to their body, giving the person Superhuman abilities. you don't have to be born with them. Around the world, there are people with abilities thought to be nothing but fiction and fantasy. But these abilities have been filmed for some years, and now says that superhumans really do exist.

How do you become a superhuman?Edit

One can use biokinesis to manipulate their DNA genetic code into being what they want to be for an example: more speed, strength, intelligence and other possibilites. Another is implants that stimulate the body for upgrading the effects of it. Or it's already in you from birth, and you must Now learn how to use them. Every person has either one or multiple superhuman abilities, they are just in dormant.





Seeing far distances

resistance to temperature's

High jumping


And much more

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