An enhanced human form of implants, or inborn abilities. The idea of being superhuman is having more strength, speed, resistance of temperatures and so much more. The question for some people that have is: why do we need to be superhumans? You don't have to, but it is also another extended part of who we are. To be one, you can either be born as one, use implants, or use biokinesis to change your DNA genes to become a stronger person. Their are many benefits when it comes to be a enhanced human: Saving lives of others, Lifting heavy objects to help civilians escape from doom, and if you get hurt, you can heal fast and be able to jump back in what you're doing. Be careful when using them though. One evil act of the abilities can result bad luck. See biokinesis, and it's instructions of how to turn yourself into an amazing enhanced person. And yes, superhumans do exist.

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