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Scanning is in short expanding your awareness towards a target to get info about it.

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The Light Ball ExerciseEditEdit

The Light Ball exercise teaches you how to scan someone’s electrical field. It is designed not just to prove you have abilities, but to show you how you receive  information.

How it works:

  1. Two people – preferably two who haven’t met before – stand 4 – 6 feet apart from each other, facing each other, eyes closed.
  2. Each person then closes their eyes, takes a moment to breathe, relax and ground, then visualizes the other as a ball of light or pure energy. Each looks with their inner eyes into the ball of light and scans the person opposite top to bottom, bottom to top, noticing any words, images, colours, thoughts, sensations in their own body,… anything at all that comes up while they’re scanning…
  3. After a few moments, when they each come back, they tell each other what they saw, felt, whatever, and describe how what the other experienced might fit in their lives at this time….

Everyone is shocked to discover that something happened, although occasionally people don’t recognize what did, and that’s when things can get exciting. For example, one woman thought nothing happened because all she could see was colours. She’s a very creative person who's mental ability is centered on her feeling body – she needed to be encouraged to learn about the symbology of colour and to learn to feel colour, so she could interpret what she was reading…. Another woman worked from pure intuition, and had for years overlooked her very real ability to “just know” what was coming. Until she did the exercise, she didn’t realize that her knowing people and life so well was about being psychic.

Give this exercise a try yourself, and be sure to notice everything that happens while you’re scanning, every little thought or sensation that flits through your being will be relevant in that moment. You can save yourself a lot of trouble, by learning to scan the territory ahead.

Questions on scanningEditEdit

Q: What is scanning?

A: Scanning is a broad term, usually when you scan you are looking for very basic details about a person

Ie:Shield type and purpose, Emotions and thoughts and if you are like me. Any physical or mental illness that they have at the time.

Q:How do I create this 'link' to the person I am attempting to scan?

A: If you are going to be scanning someone right next to you it should be simple.

Firstly: Create a tendril of Energy reaching from your torso and have it connect to their Torso.

Secondly:Sit back and wait for any information to come to you, don't frontload yourself and use your biased opinion to get the answers. Just sit back and relax and wait.

Thirdly:After you get the feel for passive scanning start 'poking' around for answers like 'I wonder how *Insert Name* is feeling?' If you are good enough you should be able to get a response fairly quick.

But now you must be saying 'But what if they aren't next to me?!'

Easy just imagine Them (Or their username) and create a basic outline of a human body and imprint their name onto it then from there use the process above.

Q:Does the target know if they are being scanned?

A: Naturally some people are more sensitive than others, If you are agressively scanning the target might notice you digging around in their mind and they may reject you.Sometimes rather painfully.

And others who are very light scanners won't be noticed at all.

It all depends on who you are and the person you are targeting to me however the feeling of being scanned is like the feeling of having a very pin-point pain inside my head, To others it's a very slight pressure and others it's nothing.

Q: How can I prevent someone scanning me?

A: Simple, when you feel that you are being scanned Reject them.

This can be done by creating a psi construct that pulls them out or by simply overloading them by thinking various thoughts all at once.

Or you could also create a shield that stops any and all intrusions without your permission.

Q:Can I scan in-animate objects?

A: Yes, you scan in-animate objects, or even songs for that matter. The process is usually the same as if you were going to scan a person or an animal.

Q: Why would you want to scan an object?

A: Well, you might want to scan it to find out where it has been, whose been around it and it's history.

The scanning of objects is usually the same as if it were a process, so just use that method I described in the previous article.

Q: Can I scan a group of people for specific information?

A: Yes, it is very possible to do this.

1st:Get the Names/Faces/Usernames/Psi-sigs of everyone you want to scan.

2nd:Visualize them all inside of a bubble with you on the outside with a link connecting you and the bubble.

3rd:Draw the information you seek from the connection, don't be forceful just poke around until you get the information you desire.

4th:If you get multiple answers you are over analysing the results and you need to try again with more concentration.

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