This page is an act of Peace and freedom through this site. One thing is to keep everything safe and secure so anyone can have their training done.

The following rulesEdit

1. No spamming.

2. Their can be religious talk, but no threats of other religions

3. No foul language

4. don't use your powers for evil gain.

5. Their will be no fights.

6. Don't put down others

7. Don't judge others of their work.

8. be respectful.

9. No magic, voodoo, or witchcraft allowed. Psi powers, ki, jing, and other energies are allowed. Users who already are witches can be here, but no putting up pages of those above.

10. Don't take things from other sites without giving them credit.


Failure to follow the rules in 3 warnings with result a one day banned from the chat. Have a fantastic time learning the Power of the Psi.

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