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What IS Remote Viewing?Edit

Remote Viewing, or tele-visual, is the mental ability to see matter at any location from any location. The uses of such an ability are simply astounding, ranging from obvious applications such as espionage, to innovations such as home surveillance. Go ahead and take a moment  to imagine the things you could do with Remote Viewing. This ability is a form of X ray vision

 How Can I Start Learning Remote Viewing?Edit

A key skill to have when Remote Viewing is the ability to see with your eyes closed.Yes, I really mean to see with your eyes closed. Learn to see with your third eye. That being said, the first step in Remote Viewing is to see with the third eye (Make note of that, it's important.). So, let's try this method.

Close your eyes Edit

Try staring at your forehead. That spot where your third eye is supposed to be. So you are trying to look into your third eye.

Put your hand in front of your third eye ( forehead.).

Imagine your hand and the room around it. Imagine it as if you are seeing it.

Believe it or not, you're actually seeing it with your eyes closed. Try moving your hand. See what happens. Eventually, you will be able to do this without moving your hand. Try having someone in your family place something somewhere. Use this skill and try to guess what it is.

Gazing into the Future - as Well as the Past and Present.Edit

Yes, it's 100% true that Remote Viewing can be used to peer into other places in time. Time itself is simultaneously existent. How can we confirm this? If the past wasn't existent anymore, then all those years of life you have spent on Earth wouldn't exist either. You were born in the past, so if Past wasn't existent anymore, neither would you. As for the Future. In the Future, the present Present is the Past. As I have explained, these two exist simultaneously also, which means that all three exist simultaneously. This means that we can remote view the Past, Present, and Future. So how do we go about viewing different places in time?  Here's a method:

Visualize the vision shifting to a certain event in time.Edit

A good first time use of this would be to look into the future or past and watch an episode of television. Perhaps an old episode you loved, or take a sneak peek at a new episode. You might even want to watch an upcoming movie. After you get a good, firm grip on this, go back to the 1960s, and hear the 'I Have a Dream Speech', or watch the Kennedy assassination and figure out who did him in. Or better yet! Find out who you're going to marry, or if you're going to marry at all! Remote Viewing different places in time has countless benefits.

Gain control over this skill, and gain unlimited wisdom! 


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