Their are ranks as you progress in the Light walker group. when you have developed your abilities and knowledge to one level to another, you will be able to choose these normal and Super ranks: Guardian, Healer, Helper. these are the normal ranks. the super ranks are: Light combat users, watchmen, and Light masters. each has it's own class and description of it


Guardians are those focus more on fighting against evil and darkness. They are more of an unarmed specialists and energy attackers against other forces.


Healers are those who focus on healing people from inflictions and pain. they tend to take the sorrow from one's heart and let them be healed with Peace and happiness. They must have a knowledge of a healing ability of Vitakinesis or Photokinesis.


Helper are those who give guidances to keep on the Path of Light and giving them advices on what they should do is right. They can also help someone who is struggling in their abilities.

Light combat usersEdit

Light combat users are much like guardians, but they are experts in weilding psi swords and knowing the training ways on battling their opponents. Very unique in energy balls as well


The secret watchers and protectors of innocent lives. They are trained in a way to be like invisible and get around without being detected. This rank requires the user to have the ability photokinesis( that can make the user be unseen). This requires much training.

Light Master UsersEdit

The masters Role on this training new people in the ways of Peace, Light, and Psionics for generations to come. they also build on their knowledge and discover new unknown powers for the entire group and themselves. you don't have to master anyy ability to be in this rank, but a high level of studying the abilities is crucial for having this rank.

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