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The speeding up of the naturally occurring vibrations of atoms in matter to alter temperature, possibly to the point of ignition if combustible. A specific reverse ability to cryokinesis .

Pyrokinesis is the unique ability to increase temperatures, or make fire by speeding the molecules around you with the mind. This is very useful in a lot of ways, but also dangerous if you don't control it fully, as in setting your house on fire or something explosive nearby. 

Pyrokinetic trainingEdit

Dancing FlameEdit

The Dancing Flame exercise will allow us to put out and/or relight a fire with 

nothing more than willpower. First, we light a match. Realize the kinesis concept--that all is one. Now we make a tunnel between your mind and the flame. Remember,we are the fire. Now will(command) the fire to go down. Concentrate hard. Eventually,with enough will power and concentration, the fire will burn out. Now we have done the easy part. The hard part is getting the ember to relight. Now will command the barely visible flame (that's out) to grow. Make the flame rise, and get hotter and hotter. After a while, with enough will power and concentration, the dead match will glow red. We have mastered only a match size flame, though.Our new objective should be to master larger flames. Good luck!  

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