Pure heart

Pure Heart is a state of your true inner being that focuses on positive thoughts that you think. It is the right way in living life, because it determines who you really are, and it has more value than your physical actions that are done. When you think about how much help that could be done, it is already done. For an example: if you want to visit the sick, but you couldn't physically, but it was done in the heart, you have already done it because you was serious about it. Matthew 5:28 teaches that when one lusts for a woman, he has committed adultery, even without having to touch the woman. God looks into the heart, and knows if you are not serious. Keep that mind when you are living in this world.

Blessed are those pure in heart, for they shall see God


1. pray to God to forgive the darkness (sin) within me i had done, and ask him to bless you positive energy to be peaceful and relaxed, and to be one with him in the Light. Make sure you are sincere with him, for He knows if you aren't.

2. The other way is to sit in meditation for a good 10-15 mins and think about positive thoughts like peace, joy, happiness, and let it flow throughout me, to be calmer and calmer each day.

3. If their are any negative energy within yourself, ground it to refresh yourself with new clean energy. See the negative energy as blackness flowing throughout your body, then see it flowing out your body when you ground, and replacing it with white positive energy, balancing your inner self with Light.

4. Accept Jesus as your savior, be baptized in his name to make you a new living creature of the Father.

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