Credit to Psiwiki for this article

Psionics is the study, and practice of the mind, and only the mind to manifest natural abilities. Powers like psychokinesis and Extrasensory percpetion are using only the subconscious mind. Every person is naturally born as a psion, but most people don't  become a psionic due to society. Everyone has each psychokinetic ability, some just choose not to use them for whatever reason. All psychokinesis abilities exist, and with practice, anyone can become a psionic, they need the knowledge of psi and mind powers to do all this to a great extent. Believe, practice, and help people to become who they really are. 

To Use these abilities, you have to remove all doubt from your mind. reprogram the subconscious mind to use the powers, and then develop concentration to perform the mental feats.

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