This page will explain on what is Psi, and how to use it.

By demetrick

 What is Psi?Edit

Psi is the energy of your mind (also called mental energy) that where your mind powers originate from. Abilities like Telepathy and Telekinesis all come from the mind. It is similar to Ki, but the color of this energy is purple. You can change it to any color you want it to be. Just like ki, everyone has this powerful energy to do amazing things. you can make psi balls, attacks, drain energy from people, transfer energy to the person to give them strength, program it, make swords, weapons, just about anything you want it to be.

How to use it?Edit

To use the energy, it requires meditation. Spend 5-10 mins alone, clearing your mind from thoughts and clutter. Then begin to use visualization to move the energy. Feel it moving around your body. Channel this energy to your hands, and out of them to form an energy ball.

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