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So, you finally understand psi ball creation, but now it's a repetitive, boring and useless skill. But wait, before you go forget about psi, there is HOPE. Seriously, there is. Psi is, boiled down to basics, ENERGY! So, what can energy do? There is a lot that can be done with it, but it goes well beyond the scope of this article. The foundation of using psi is programming, which is, in short, giving a psi ball intelligence. This is usually done by visualizing the command while making the psi ball. A common use is known as 'Pinging', which means programming a psi ball to travel over to someone and get they're attention. It can be used to draw attention to yourself, or it can even be used as a distraction. This is done by simply summoning the feeling of being tapped on the shoulder while creating the psi ball, then letting it go. It can travel long distances to give the message. Another thing you can do is called flaring, which enables a psi ball to become visible. Katherine Kurtz refers to this effect as 'handfire' in her Deryni Novels. In them, it's used for many things, although most commonly as a light to read by. It can be used for this as well, although electric lights work better. Of course there is the 'Hey, look at this' factor to consider.


Technique #1

First make a psi ball then think of what you want it to do then visualize your thoughts turning into energy and going into the psi ball then let the ball go you have successfully programed your ball.

Technique #2

Draw energy from your third eye (minds eye) and make an empty shell then psychically convey your thoughts to the psi ball the thoughts should fill this ball, then let it go.

Programming a PSI ball[2]Edit

To program a psi ball, involves giving it a specific instruction. It is best to keep the instruction as short as possible and you will get better results giving it only one instruction rather than a set of instructions. How you give it the instruction varies with your personal taste. I've known people that spend hours concentrating on the instruction they are giving their psi ball. Others talk to the psi balls almost as if it is a pet or a friend. Still others will send the thought down their arms and into the psi energy ball. You must decide what works for you personally.

Where should you put your psi ball to store it? I suggest in a drawer or closet but any place where it is not apt to be walked on or through should be just fine.

How do you return the psi ball energy to the earth? The easiest way for me is to place the energy ball on the ground (or floor if you are inside) and allow the energy to basically melt or dissolve into the earth. See this happen in your minds eye (visualize). Where your thoughts go, energy flows.

How do you know for sure you made a PSI ball? Most people can not see PSI but they can feel it. When you were making your PSI Ball, did you feel the energy building up between your hands? When you compressed the energy between your hands, did you feel the energy pushing back on your palms? Some people, (not everyone) will feel the PSI as a tingling sensation between their palms. For others it is simply the feeling of something compressing between their hands, almost like you have a nerf ball between your hands. It is heavy enough to put a little pressure on your hands, but not heavy enough to feel solid. If you experienced any of these feeling, you made a PSI ball.

Another test you can try is to see if someone else can feel the energy. If you have a friend over, slowly bring the PSI ball toward them and see if they feel the energy. If you have someone that is learning along with you, hand the psi balls to them and see if they feel the energy. With a little thinking, you can come up with a whole list of experiments you can try with a friend to see what your PSI balls are like. Hope this helps you guys!

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