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optikinesis or Ophthalmokinesis is the obscure power to control eyesight with the mind. One with this power can cause illusions by changing what people see, cause themselves/others to see in different aspects, or change optic temporality so their sight is ahead or behind actual time. Vision can even be distorted so things look like they were moving opposite of their actual direction (called the Parallax Effect). One with this power may even be able to control the eye itself, with practice. One with this power can even project his sight to others or selectively see what others see, as he can control the entirety of motor and sensory functions used by the eyes of others.


Ability to create illusions. (Probaly not first to find, Just one of the first.) This will definetely help in self defense, Because there could be 5 of you, only one real. Or maybe a thing to show your friends. Either way, This will help you in your journey...

(Note this will not cause damage, Nothing will. But you will defend yourself by making them flee or miss.)


Tech 1

Making more of you: Gather ki in your stomach as usual. Send it out to 5 places, Enough to mold a hollow person. Then hold the image of yourself vividly. Start by forming the head, Imagine it as yours. Then do it with the other four. Do this very quickly. Then do this with the torso, the arms, legs, feet, Everybody part. Make the inside of it hollow except in the stomach. Make that the ki core. Then to other people it will be visible. (Note this will take only about 30 seconds, do this quickly!)

Tech 2

Making a shape or a object illousion: If you want to scare somebody, if they may fight you, you could make a sword and they will run ^_^ Or to amaze friends maybe a green pyramid in your hands. Well first off, Gather ki in your hands. Gather for more than 15 seconds. Then send it in front of them, Make sure you color your ki with auras around to make it's color. (I know trees are blue auras, Take the peoples around you maybe) Then again make the object hollow. It should be visible now.


Ever seen Naruto/Naruto Shippuden? This is kind of similar but in a way it's not. Your eyes won't change, the person most likely won't feel anything from these illusions but I will explain shortly how they can be useful and worth giving a shot. Now picture this. You looking your foe straight in the eyes and visualizing a wall right beside them but not really there. It's just in YOUR head. Visualize a wall that was never there before being there and imagine that wall turning into a solid state. No, this is not the technique it's just an example. Having your opponent/foe falling into that illusion can be a bit funny when they jump back and get startled. You can also use these in your fights. Don't have too harm your opponent with these just trick them in a way so you can either get away or use it as an advantage to win that fight.

Once you forget about the image in your imagination, the illusion will disperce and it won't be much of a trick anymore. You must remain focus and if you're trying to do this when someone is running at you I suggest NOT. If someone is running towards you it triggers your fear and you'll start to lose focus and you'll become more desperate in making the illusion work. This never works out trust me on this one. I've tried it and I got my ass kicked while at the same time, looking like an idiot by just standing still doing nothing.

There's many ways of doing this. You can make an illusion that there are multiple yous or some sort of being is going to snatch your opponent and carry him away. All fun and this works 100%. I tried it on my mom, and my dog. Don't worry, no harm done to any of them. For my dog all I did was make him think that there was some sort of light on the floor. Dogs love chasing them around. No harm done to any of them don't worry. Now remember, I'm going to start saying this in ALL my articles. If you wish too use these techniques for money or fame don't look at me. I'm not here to judge you because I'm sure you have your own reasons.

Note: This method does improve your telepathy skills but doesn't require any.

Technique: For starters do this without the person noticing. Maybe if someone is reading a book or on the computer listening to music. Focus on them and try and get into what their thinking. Think about that for a little bit. Seconds, minutes up to you. When you're ready visualize the computer screen turning off but make sure your still in their head. Try looking out of their eyes and simply thinking that the computer screen will go black.

If you notice them turning the computer screen brighter or hitting the side of the screen you've done it. Congrats.

Technique 2: For the book visualize slighty turning into a different colour. By book I mean the page that their reading. Remember what I said in the first technique. Get into what their thinking and try and look out of their eyes and see what you want them to see.

If you don't get it on your first try, keep trying you'll soon get it.

This was written by Demi

Sleep ManipulationEditEdit

This technique is for making an animal or person fall asleep or wake up. I first did it four years ago, when I was nine and realized that it was fairly easy if you know what to do.

First tech is waking people up. First, you feel as if you are the person or animal that you are targeting. Then, you bring your chi up to your eyes, which in turn, does the same to your target because you are feeling as if you are them. As you bring the chi up to your eyes, you picture and feel them opening. You don't have to feel as if you are the target and do it through yourself, you can simply do it on the target if you like.

Second tech is making people fall asleep. This tech is just like the first one. First,you bring chi up to your target's eyes. Then when you get to the eyelids, you bring the energy down a little so as to close them. As you do this, you are going to picture and feel them closing.

Note, you can do this sleep technique to animals as well as humans. This manipulation is harmless fun, unless you use it to get people into trouble or do the opposite, and use it to wake people up at school right before the teacher finds the sleepyheads.

This article was written by Dragonlair101 [1]SharinganAdded by TheOneC==SharinganEdit== I have a very amateur one, all u have to do is form the sharingan in both eyes first program the Tomoes(the three black things around the pupil) make one for genjutsu think of some basic illusions to do on people, make the next Tomoes have the ability to predict movements and the third for enhanced memory u do these with your chi just program the chi first. Now after your done take all the energy from both eyes and seal it in a ball in your tan tien then equally disperse that energy to both your eyes for next use. However u should start with 2 Tomoes because u have to practice very much to use the sharingan for prolonged periods.dont ever push yourself with this your endurance will gradually increase. Warning you will get headaches from this technique until very experienced. The headaches are because the brain is not used to so much input. I hope you try this and remember practice, and when you've completely mastered it you can work on the mangeku using the same general development method,and the sharingan may take a toll on your eyes if used too long

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