Manifestation is the Art ability to manifest events and things aound you. This can range from money, love, even from events that may seem a bit impossible


to use this power, all you have to do is focus on what you want and nothing else. In about a week, what you were thinking about should come to you. It's like magic but you are using your mind to produce the supernatural effect, not words and magic circles. If you practice enough, by about 4 months you should be able to make objects appear in front of you from thin air.


Without reality itself there would and could be no place for creation to take place.

Love ManifestationEditEdit

Hey guys after a long time of practicing with this I realized that it works. You're going to like the results, just one tip or warning, don't over do it.

Energy Manifestation

The colors that seem to work so far are purple and pink. When you're meditating, visualize any of these colors (I use both at the same time). Whence you visualize them, try to send them worldwide with; waves, spheres/orbs, etc. (however you feel that's most right). If you try to meditate on a daily basis at least 30 minutes a day you'll get excellent results. Another of my tips is, try to tell your higher self when your meditating to show you your true love.

White Light Expansion and Union

This is another thing I have practiced on, I feel so much energy when I do this, and I feel somewhat happy. First of all you should know that the more stuff you like to return love to you, the better and happier you'll feel. The stuff that you can apply this on is; plants, people, animals, universe, etc, which is everything literally.

To do this visualize all the people that you want to receive love from (godfathers, grandparents, parents, friends, girlfriends/boyfriends, father in law / mother in law, etc.), after you visualize them visualize everyone holding hands and after they all touch each others hand visualize  a big white light just fill the whole space of your visualization . Keep on trying this with plants, animals, minerals, water, earth, other planets, universe, and so on.


After trying this I got recent news that 3 girls liked me(the best girls where I live at), it's one of the most difficult things that happened, because I don't know which one to choose from them. They're all gorgeous, have a good body, and behavior and so on... Well, there's actually more that like me but those 3 are the most important. Anyways try it out to see what happens and enjoy the results.

Manifest the Girl/Boyfriend of your dreamsEdit

Grab a pen and paper and write out "My Perfect Girlfriend" or "My Perfect Boyfriend" for the girls. Write out ALL of your perfect mates qualities; hair, eye color, how they behave with you, EVERYTHING. I mean REALLY go crazy with it. After you finish that, put up a picture of someone that looks fairly close to what your ideal person would look like. I then want you to write one powerful affirmation that you will say to yourself to get you in the right feeling to attract this person.

Use something like "I am excitedly walking down the street holding hands with my gorgeous curly blond haired girlfriend. So try it! REALLY put some feeling behind it. See yourself with your ideal person and then say your affirmation to yourself. After saying it, visualize again your ideal situation.

For your affirmation it has to have a descriptive word and a verb, " I am excitedly walking..." "I am passionately kissing" "I am playfully squeezing" etc....

So try it! and let me know how it goes.

PS - Make sure to hold the image for at least 1-2 minutes. It's been said that it takes at least 33 seconds for a concept to be implanted into your subconscious. I ask for a minute or two just to make sure it really gets in there.

Destiny JournalismEdit

With this technique you can control the events/situations that happen around you by writing want you want to happen in a journal or on a piece of paper.

1.Find something to write on about the event/situation that you'd like to take place.

2.Write the date/time you'd like the situation to take place

3.Right it as if it's actually happen at the very moment, Really feel like your having the experience.

4. Put your tools away and go about your day, If you're faithful and detached then your desire shall take place.

Tip: Start out with just trying to write about a single event or situation taking place. Then work your way on up. Trying to manifest something on an epic scale will generate a lot of resistance against that will prevent that manifestation from taking place.

*Note from another author:

Intent is a force that guides energy. If you can learn effective control over intent and energy, then the "four months" time period will shrink drastically.

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