The Code Of Light is a way living through life, to resemble the 5 fundamental principals of all people. The 5 sets below are for New Light walkers to be non violent, but civil to use such actions, control of tongue, being mindful, using abilities when needed, and skills use upon the citizens who cannot in a way defend themselves. It's also to release hatred and negative feelings, to show them forgiveness and mercy, even if they are enemies. The understanding guide of this is to bring joy a balanced heart and spirit to the person who follows it day by day, doing all that is right. No life is greater without taking the steps of truth and liberty.

 The CodeEdit

There Is No Fear: There Is Peace.

There Is No Pride: There Is Humbleness.

There Is No Arrogance: There Is Truth.

There Is No Violence: There Is Mercy.

There Is No Darkness: There Is Light.

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