The level system is like the ranks, but it is more like how the Jedi use it to move the New users up to a new level. Their ranks are: apprentince, Padawan, Knight,  master, and Jedi council member. Its much like those, but without the Use of Jedi.


The new users are instructed to a mentor to provide training for their abilities. They have to be trained for a few months before the mentor decides to move them to a new level. 2 months required. Training and knowledge of Psi is required


Users must have some knowledge of psi and the abilities. This rank is for those who has progressed in much training for 1  month. They can choose to stay with the mentor, or train alone. They need as much knowledge and powers before moving on the next level.


Users need tons of informationn before being a mentor. Mentors can train one or a group of people in wielding the abilities. They no longer need a mentor to guide or help them out. They are granted with the ability to move others up with a level.

Masters and councilersEdit

To be in this level, you don't have to be extremely powerful, but at least have all the knowledge of psionics. The masters and councilers are able to make decisions on what they can do to gather more people to help out with the world peace plan. They can also train how many people they want to. They are the leaders of the Group, and making reports for people to see.

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