Inner peace is the mental and spiritual state to have total calmness and happiness. The mind and spirit are one with nature, along with yourself being filled with pure goodness in consiousness of what one thinks, lives, and says. Meditation is known for this achievement, but other things like being kind, making good friends, helping out the need and just doing what is right, keeps one in balance of nature. In additional to a calm mind is also thinking positive outputs of life, and being free from any conflicts around the individual. For an example: if you are surrounded by trouble, but can maintain your balance during the raging conflict, that is inner peace keeping you on line. 

Inner peace meditation 1Edit

I figure that a Peace of mind is beneficial to us all because of the harsh this world has all around us. To start out, find a quiet place to meditate at. Now while meditating, visualize yourself in a place of joy and of happiness paradise, where the positive energy releases all your stress, negativity and anger from your body, spirit and mind. Explore this area for as long as you want to. Feel yourself changing moods into a calm sense. The positive energy flowing around their is to sooth pain, and let yourself be at peace not only yourself, but others as well. Your mind and body should be fully relaxed and calmed after this meditation.

Inner peace meditation: 2Edit

For this one, find a calm relaxing place to begin meditating at. Focus on your breathing, relax, and close your eyes. begin to visualize yourself walking by waterfalls, mountains, or at a beach, somewhere will you have peace and calmness running through you. Just envision yourself becoming so relaxed, letting go the tensions, and flowing your way up to the Light of good. Allow these feelings to touch your heart, and allowing you to be in total tranquillity.

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