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This page will be talking about on programming the subconsious mind. it is said to be the powerful tool of the universe, and can effect one's reality. changing it cannot happen overnight, stay constant with your belief and thought. just about 98% of your life is worked through your sub-c everyday. the thoughts you have, ideas, and emotions all comes from your Subconsious. by reprogramming the mind, you are allowing more positive goals and other subjects you wished to had some time ago. The more you reprogram it with more positive action, the more results you will see. This is also useful for awakening one's powers and getting rid of mental block.

What is a mental block?EditEdit

It's that obstacle Where you have disbelief against something that is true, and Fear of your ability. This block that keeps you from using your natural powers is in your subconsious mind, and it's something only you can break and destroy to access a New world

A techniqueEditEdit

few ways to change your subconsious mind is first clearing it to gain access to your other part of your mind you don't use. Their are binural beats to buy to maintain the mind at a level with the subconsious mind. here are the 2 for now:

Visualization: visualize what you want to happen. be as clear and detailed. Actually use your senses to make it feel real

Affrimations: Use self positive thoughts like: i know how to psychokinesis, or i am wealthy. this can be done in thoughts or speaking it loudly.

Before you go to bed, set a goal in your mind on what you want to happen, so the subconsious can work on it over night and the next day.

as long you have faith, anything is Possible.