Credit goes to Psiwiki

Grounding is theskill to release and take energy from other sources. This is typically done to get rid of excess energy to prevent things like headaches, or energy levels that no one can sense.  Most psions agree that you should ground after practcing, so your field(aura) remains at a constant and safe level of activity.

How to groundEdit

It helps to (at least in the begining) to meditate while doing this.

1. Sit or stand in any position you wish.

2. As you would while trying to draw energy from the earth, imagine roots going from you and into the earth.

3. Then, imagine the energy flowing out of your body and into the ground.

A reverse way to gain energy around your body is to ground like in 1, then you can visualize yourself like a water bottle and absorb the source where you are getting the energy from to replenish yourself.

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