Gravity manipulation is the Psi ability to manipulate mass of gravity of one's self or the environment. The user with this ability can weaken the mass state of a object to cause it be weightless, or heavy with powerful force. To a great extent, that user is enable to bend the mass around him/her, enabling the capacity in jumping, or Flight. A powerful gravitokinetic can change the mass of a environment if enough training is done, to change the gravitational field within the area. 

Understanding gravityEdit

Gravity is the universe's most mysterious force that keeps things in order of place. It is not pure energy, but it does have energy within it, since it is a force. The law of gravity is always in motion, even in space, since no gravity" does not exist, that is not true. Any where a person goes, gravitational fields are always present, and never are zero. In space, gravity is so weak, to the point we are falling in a velocity of 9.8, that is just defying it since it's field is too weak for our bodies to stay on the ground. It's the same with being on the moon, since the moon has 1/6 of gravity, that tends to be weaker than Earth, because of the less mass it has on the surface, it takes 3-5 seconds to fall back to the ground of the moon due to it's field being weak. The more mass anything has, the more gravitational field it has. The less mass it has, the less force acting upon it, therefore reducing the effects of gravity, and weight of the human body.

More info soonEdit


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