Shields is a unique abilitiy to protect yourself against various attacks from elements, telepaths, empaths, and even physical if enough practice and energy is in stored within the shield. This one of the coolest Things you can learn when defending yourself. This can go from the simplest form of a shield, to a complex shield that could probably protect you from both energy and physical attacks. They're are ways to create energy shields but one of the few I will be developing soon, will have more of an great defense for the user themselves.


One way to form a bubble shield is by creating a psi ball and expanding it to make it fit over your body. Remember to add lots of energy because it does not have any programming besides to keep its shape and to stay around.  

Other kinds of shieldsEdit

There are combat shields, which are defensive/offensive shields that are used in a physical, or energy combat situation. There are also camouflage shields, which render the user invisible or at least hard to find by other psions. Shields can be used for many different things; such as storing constructs. But you have to know what type of shields to use when.  For a mirror shield that would block out all energy signals and send them away, imagine a shield that reflects energies sent at you. For creating strong shields, it's best to have some sort of visualization that can help you. For more advanced shields, however, factor the structure of the shield as you create it.

Shield layersEdit

It's possible to have more than one layer on a shield. If you make yourself a combat shield, it would actually be far wiser to have several shields on top of each other, each to do a different job. This will constitute a shield system, though it would be harder to control due to the strain required.

Main factors concerning shieldsEdit

Concentration and energy are the two main factors to consider when creating shields. Some shields require more energy and less concentration, others less energy and more concentration, depending on the shield and the person. You could also combine concentration and energy to help you keep up your strength, especially when creating complex or stronger shields.

Different shields have different "tasks", so they use up various amounts of concentration and energy, but it also depends on the person, which is related to the skill factor. The more experienced you are in Psi and the stronger mind you have, the more you are likely to create a better shield, and the less concentration is required for it.


Once you've made your first shield, keep it up as long as you can. Regenerate it several times a day. Once you can actually feel your shield on you, this means you've put enough energy into it. When you've succeeded, try making different kinds of shields and testing them out, but don't use up too much energy or strength. Don't create a shield if you don't think you're capable. Remember to rest and take breaks! :)

Bubble ShieldEdit

Bubble Shields are easy to make and can hold up against everyday annoyances. Bubble Shields are also useful against people who only know how to blast energy without much programming in them.

The first technique used is a simple visualization of a shell building from the ground to up, around your body, and finally meeting up over your head. The second generates the shield from inside the abs, and expands it until it's around the entire body. This is useful for pushing energy off of you, while the first might trap it inside the shield. If you engage in any psychic combat, the Bubble Shield doesn't do much. A focused attack can go right through or shatter it, depending on the attackers skill and objective. Reconstructing and maintaining it during a fight isn't worth the effort.

It's great for everyday problems, but for more serious events, it's wiser to make a better type of shield, than trying to hold together a small Bubble Shield.

Another technique for bubble shield

Remember if you use at as you main shield to make it very thick.

  • Form your ki into a dome around your body. You can do this by pumping ki into your hands and moving your hands to shape the ki around you in the shape of a dome. You can also make a ki dome by generating ki from your body and shaping it into a dome with your will.
  • Continually give your ki dome more energy giving it more layers, re-enforcing it, allowing it to block stronger ki based attacks.

The more ki you give your force field the more punishment it can handle from an enemies ki attacks.

Failure to continually feed your ki dome with more ki will cause your force field to weaken and eventually dissolve.

Mirror ShieldEdit

Create it as you would any other shield, but program it to reflect incoming attacks. This can be accomplished by a nice "mirror" visualization or a slick silver color. There are some pitfalls to this shield that can trick-up a newbie. The first is to make sure that it's created so you can send energy out through the shield. Another is to make sure it's made on the outside of all your other shields. The reason for this is that if you create it inside a Bubble Shield, for example, and the attacker breaks through part of the Bubble Shield, the energy will bounce off, and hit the Bubble Shield again on the way out.

Marshmallow ShieldEdit

The Marshmallow Shield is a thick, gooey, and sticky type of shield. Its primary purpose is to absorb attacks and hold them there for later. It can be programmed to de-patternize the simple attack or just spit it back out. It's hard to break because of its nature, but at best it can slow down a skilled attack.

The visualization is simple, but it requires a lot of energy. Picture a thick wall of goo. Use semi-melted marshmallows for visualization. If you construct it in layers, make sure the layers melt into each other completely - they separate on their own sometimes..

It can take a while to make, even for the skilled. It's not particularly good at handling sharp objects, but it's not meant to be used as the only line of defense. Combine it with other defensive shields to provide better protection. After it's made it can be repaired somewhat easily, so it can be kept up for long periods of time.

Purifying ShieldEdit

The absorptive shield allows you to absorb energy but there is a limitation to it. It will absorb only positive energy. What if you are greedy for energy and want to absorb every last bit of it, including negative energy? This tech will enable you to absorb the negative energy safely. Without much a do, I present to you the purifying shield.

The Technique

1) First step is to relax. Meditate if you like or absorb energy. Once you are ready, move to the next step.

2) Next, make a absorptive shield. If you dont know how to, read my article.

3) Ok, once you have made the absorptive shield, visualize your energy as golden colour(positive energy) and visualise negative energy as a dark purple colour or any colour you want.

4) Now, imagine another layer forming on the outer layer of the shield. Make it thick and try to visualise it as small holes(like a sieve).

5) Now, visualise the negative energy passing through the shield. This is the important part. As it passes, imagine the dark purple energy slowly turning to golden colour. Try and feel the negative energy getting 'purified'. Do this a few times. Program your shield to act like this for as long as you wish.

Thats it!

Keep practicing,

Filter ShieldsEdit

Filter shields are shields that are used mainly by empaths to block all incoming emotions so the empath does not become overloaded.  Telepaths typically do not use these shields because of the rammifications that may happen late on.

1.Create a simple shield

2. Add programming to filter out specific emotions... if you want to visualize it you can visualize a grate like shield and see someone sending you the undesired emotion and having the shield blocking that.

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