Constructing is an energy manipulation ability to form your energy to any shape, creature, item, and the like to anything by programming the energy of it to change it's form from one source to another. In beginning levels, you'll be able to make squares, triangles, shapes that are easy to make (all of course). Advance can make creatures, people, houses (if you have enough energy) or simply making a energy door that can take you anywhere with enough practice on using it.

How does it work?Edit

Energy has some type of focusing signatures, that would allow the thoughts to influence it, and changing the source of it that your mind can think of. I would suggest you would Grounding your energy to renew it, so the renew energy would have a new signature, rather than a damaging one. Focus your mind on making a psi ball by gathering energy around from your mind or other sources. Then, code it by visuaizing on the changes to the energy ball. See the changes happening within the ball's signature, forming the shape, person or even creature. This will take a while to get down, but it's worth it after enough practice.

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