Energy manipulation is the ability to manipulate all forms of energy into storing them within your body, control them, or even like using them to construct energy shapes like psi balls, shields, and constructs of shapes. Since energy is everywhere, the user could with enough practice, form energy balls anywhere, and program them to carry out the wishes of the user. A person does not stop practicing energy manipulation just because he or she gets good at it. Practice more and more is what makes speed increase, less flow of concentration, and discovering new ways to use energy.

Psi Edit

Psi is the energy of one's mind. This energy is connected with the nervous system, to being able to control all the other types of energy. Their is a bit of ki in psi, and a bit of psi in Ki. This energy is more frequent used with psionic training when it comes in practicing Psychokinesis and some ESP.

Ki (chi)Edit

A eternal energy field that is in all living, and non living things. Some say it is your Life force (the essence that is keeping us alive, and is our inner strength) While others believe it to be a medicine, his energy is mainly used in martial arts, Tai Chi and qong qi to balances one spirit and mind as one. This energy is stored within your body in the tan tien level ( 3 inches below your navel, stomach) and it is usually green. Both of Psi and Ki are the same since both are energy, and also it does not matter which energy is used.


The first thing that is important to know is visualization. You need to be able to visualize it in your mind. So you can make your mind channel the energy. Start with sitting down any position you want. Breathe in and out slowly and just relax. Then close your eyes and slowly start visualizing breathing in energy. See how the energy goes into your body and how it channels into your chest, your shoulders, you arms and finally your hand. Feel the energy go into your hand. You might feel warm, tingling or even a third thing. Now visualize how it goes back into your arms and back into your chest and down to your legs and finally feet. Feel how your feet is full of energy and how the energy keeps going into your feet. Then finally visualize the energy going everywhere in your body again feel the energy all over you body.

This will give you a good sense of how energy feels and how it can be channeled through your body with your mind. With practice you can simply just make it go to where ever you want with no need of slow visualization.

Making your first Energy BallEdit

When you have learned how to channel your energy, it's time to make the Energy Ball also called Psi Ball. An energy ball is a ball shaped out of energy that you form normally with your mind around your cupped hands. An energy ball is essential to learning how to project your energy and performing many techniques.

For beginners: the first thing you should do is again, channeling your energy down into your hands and getting a good feel of it. Then Cup your hands like you would if you were holding an actual ball. Then slowly visualize your energy projecting into a ball between your palms. You might feel that your palms are tingling which is only a sign that you are channeling the energy. When you have done it it should feel like holding an energy ball and even if it isn't big you should still be able to sense it with either your hands or mind. A good way to check if you made one is to slowly bring your hands together, if you do it slowly you should be able to feel the energy of the ball touching your hands. If you succeeded congratulations you made your first energy ball! With practice you might even see the actual energy. The energy can look like a small white fog or as an actual small light.

If you feel like you failed don't worry. Just take your time and don't rush it.


When it comes to dealing with energy, you also want to know what it feels like to have the energy coursing through your body to get use of the feeling. You first want to relax, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Imagine your body is empty like a shell. Then imagine, energy coming from the universe as this pure white light, going to your head and filling up the empty body. Or you can ground energy by visualizing roots coming from within your feet to the earth, absorbing a perfect amount of energy to your empty shell. Focus then on channeling your energy. See it move through your arm, and out your hand forming a ball. Feel it traveling, and forming to that shape. Not everyone will feel energy the same way you do, some it's heat, some it's cold, a magnetic pulse, or throbbing. Different sensations will come forth to be unique to every person.

Energy shapingEdit

Constructing is an energy manipulation ability to form your energy to any shape, creature, item, and the like to anything by programming the energy of it to change it's form from one source to another. In beginning levels, you'll be able to make squares, triangles, shapes that are easy to make (all of course). Advance can make creatures, people, houses (if you have enough energy) or simply making a energy door that can take you anywhere with enough practice on using it.

Construction timeEdit

Energy has some type of focusing signatures, that would allow the thoughts to influence it, and changing the source of it that your mind can think of. I would suggest you would Grounding your energy to renew it, so the renew energy would have a new signature, rather than a damaging one. Focus your mind on making a psi ball by gathering energy around from your mind or other sources. Then, code it by visualizing the changes entering to the energy ball. See the changes happening within the ball's signature, forming the shape, person or even creature. This will take a while to get down, but it's worth it after enough practice.

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