Cryokinesis is the power to manipulate cold, generating frost and ice with the mind. This ability, like pyrokinesis, is using the speed of atoms in coverting the air around oneself and objects, to have a different change of temperature. This is a reverse of pyrokinesis. Before you start, you want to prepare your body for this because it does deal with low temperatures and you can easily be sick without proper training.

Conditioning the body Edit

More soon.

Cultivating waterEdit

To start out, you want to ground or be in ki breathing position. Close your eyes, and visualize yourself standing by a waterfall. Visualize energy coming from the water and flowing down to your tan tien, mixing in with your ki. you have successfully cultivated water energy.

Another way is when you're taking a shower, let the water hit your front side, and visualize the water is being stored in your tan tien. Do this for a minute or 2.

Dropping temperature'sEdit

Now, this is where you can find cryokinesis all over the web, and this does work. First, meditate to clear your mind and relax. Then stand near a thermometer, focus and close your eyes. Visualize yourself standing in a middle of a bilzzard, with snowing blowing past you, and frigid of wind forming ice on the ground. Feel the arctic wind passing by you, making you really cold. Hear the winds howling, and Ice forming all around you. See the atoms around you slowly spinning, turning blue and the objects, walls and surfaces just becoming cold and stiff, with icicles forming on them.

Ice BallEdit

Testing soon.

Making water colderEdit

this is a training skill from eternity cryokinesis i give credit to. get a glass of warm water and try to make the water colder by visualizing the outside of it being covered in ice in every second then visualize the glass starting to get frozen to the point where the glass starts to crack and the water gets colder and colder. this will take time and failure, but if you keep doing it, then you will see results in cryokinesis.

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