The state of courage is an embracement to being fearless in situations that people would be scared of to face. It is the symbol of hope for another who cannot defend themselves through the harsh environment which they are stuck in. Countering to the other side, Fear, it is truth, strength, knowledge, and answer to defeat fear. It is a feat that some or many cultures in this world use to overcome such harsh, or going against extremes.

The reverse of fear, strength and truth come forth, to the knowledge and power it holds.

How to Overcome fear?Edit

Overcoming fear isn't a easy process. 1. You must spend time in meditation, connecting with your inner self, convincing you are not afraid. 2. You must be mentally ready for anything that comes in your way, for courage resembles bravery for those who can own their fear. Fear is natural, and comes in everyone, but this is the way of beig fearless. 3. Don't think about the dangers, or the intensity of the situation. 4. Instead, relax, don't think about it, and convince that you are not afraid to stand up against a person, or something that really does scare you. Their are other methods to overcome fear, but this is my way of doing it.

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