The aspect of concentration is to bring not only of mental focus of the world around you, but also a spiritual sense in indicating what life brings forth, the purpose for being on earth, and how it affects those around the individual they go beside with. It's a practice of not just viewing the world how one sees it, but to understand and be more of a cautious person when it comes to being attached to life. It's really beneficial to practice concentration, as it does serve the purpose to lead one throughout their life they are living in.

How does it workEdit

Concentration is a mental faculty system that is used when one puts a single thought, object or repeating system in the mind. When a person is looking at a candle, object, or teacher while the instructor is teaching, it is not of the eyes that causes the effects to happen. Your mind is basically blocking out everything else to receive the information and have it stored in the memory files. Think of it as in shutting down other things that causes the mind to be distracted, to have 100% pure focus on one subject at a time. With one item that it focuses on, is the information being stored inside of your subconscious mind, to be pulled out as a memory code for later on uses. It is also used in visualization to enhance the images that the person creates. In meditation, it's not used in a sense to do anything, but to practice calming the mind to increase the power of concentration. You will, in times experience thoughts running to your mind, but don't follow them. Acknowledge them, and then draw back to your state of emptiness and relaxation.

Eye Excercises This is eye excercise #1. What you to do is focus on the black dot and wait until you see an orange circle behind the blue sphere, and turquoise behind the red sphere. Try doing this for 10 minutes. The whole goal is to keep your mind on the dot without thoughts breaking your concentration.


For this one you need a piece of paper and something to write with. Then you draw little circled dots on the paper. The dots should be as small and close together as possible. While making them you count each one until you get to a hundred. And if you stumble along the way and lose concentration, put down whatever it is you are writing with  and start counting them from beginning. And if you lose concentration or count, start again. You are not allowed to track the dots with your hand or pen, pencil, anything. Use just your eyes. And when you get to where you left off, pick up your writing tool and continue. When you reach a hundred put down the writing tool and count the dots again. Remember only use the eyes.

Counting excercise

Count backwards from 100, but not the normal way. Instead of subtracting 1, you subtract 3. So you count 100, 97, 94 ... until you get to 1. Do this until you are fluent with the excercise.

Merging concentration exerciseEdit

I give credit to telekinesis training concentration for this training.

This concentration skill will have a big twist. You want to merge with the flower. First you have to concentrate on that dot of the first exercise for at least five mintues.This one you won't need to keep your concentration, but to connect with it. Once you do, How does it feel? Is it cold or warm, wet or dry, smooth or rough? Slowy, let the feeling you are getting from the flower cover your whole body, which makes it feel like you are almost the flower. Allow your concentration to move from 2 dimensional to all around the flower. Know what it feels like to be the flower.


Try feeling the flower. Merge with it.

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