What are brainwavesEdit

Brainwaves are these moving neural signals that are activated by firing the neurons. These signals have different levels, and they have different jobs depending on what level you hit them on. i am now ging to give you a list of 4 types of brainwaves that exist within our minds.

Beta: here in this level, we think daily solving puzzles, math problems, cases and other social things that are connected to this level. we are more active in this level of power. It is also the fastest wavelength ever recorded

Alpha: this is the state of Peace and relaxation. when the brainwaves slow down to this state of waves, your brain releases positive chemicals within your body to keep it healthy, and clean. It has no draw backs. Also, this helps to gain more focus and more learning process down.

Theta: this is the deeper Peace and relaxing. in this state, you will access to your subconsious mind. this is where your psi powers come from which everyone has. This helps to even astral project to another world, and accesses with ESP. This also boosts your immune system to stay more healthier and focus. your intelligence also increases while in this state.

Delta: In this state, the person is completely relaxed and is in deep sleep. Many benefits over night happens when in this brainwave state. It is the slowest wavelength recorded.

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