Biokinesis is the ability to manipulate one's DNA. By using this ability, one can turn themselves into superhumans just by changing the genetic code that is of their character. The things that can be done is changing eye color, making the body heal faster than normal, increasing reflexes, enabling the body to be resistant against extreme temperatures, enhancing strength, durability and speed. 2 theories about Biokinesis is that: 1. the person can become invulnerable and not worry about taking anymore pain hitting against his/her body. A person could program their cells to stop dying or aging therefore resulting to immortality, but you can still die in a car accident and bullet to the head. So far, those 2 theories have not been proven. 


[hide] *1 Understanding


Biokinesis is a powerful ability, and must be used carefully. This is not something you should be playing around with, as it can have dangerous side effects if not done correctly or all the way through. It is using energy to program your DNA gene strands to become the person you want to be. The process can take a good while, so don't expect any results within a day or two. You also want to focus on the energy doing one specific thing at a time, not programming it to do all. It would be possible to do all, but it may take a lot longer for the results to come about. You must have some training in energy manipulation to move your energy around the body of where you want it to go.


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