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Aura reading is the ESP power to see the aura of others and manupilate them. Aura reading is usually the manefestation of another ability more commonly Mediumship or any form of clairvoyance.

[1]a bright aura seen through eyes of an aura reader.Added by Jay prevContrary to popular belief, one does not have to be born with the talent to be able to see auras.  The technique to learn how to see auras only takes one minute to learn.  However, it may take years to see auras well enough physically to glean all the information they can offer.

Aura reading, as with most things, is a lesson in patience.  You may see auras right away, or within a few days of practice.  You may not.  You may see them initially, and then have a period of time where you don't seem to see anything.  Although some people see colors almost immediately, others may practice for several months before colors start to appear.  Keeping your chakras clean, especially your third eye, should aid in seeing them.

As with any psychic work, DON'T STRAIN YOURSELF!  Practice initially only a few minutes per day; as your eyes get used to refocusing, you may look at the aura for a longer period of time. If you feel any strain on your chakras, STOP.  If your chakras begin to hurt, STOP, close them up, and don't practice anything for a few days.  This goes for any time you overstrain your chakras.

Aura reading can also be rather quintessential to life, becuase if you can read auras you can know how someone is mentally, physically and spiritually.


 [hide] *1 To See Auras:

To See Auras:EditEdit

Get a partner or stand in front of a mirror.  The background (wall, etc) should be blank and preferably white.  Rooms that aren't too bright usually seem to work better.  Have the subject (or yourself) stand approximately 18 inches from the wall.

To see the aura, look at the wall behind the person and a couple inches away from their body.  Remember the 3-D stereogram pictures that were popular a few years ago, where the trick was to look a few inches into the "noise" to see the 3-D image?  The trick to seeing auras uses the same concept.  Look beyond where the person is standing.  Ignore the person's body; if you look at them you'll lose the aura image.  You should see an area around the person where the background wall may look lighter than the rest.  If you can, try to see the color.  If you had to pick any color (besides white) to describe this area, what would it be?  Also, different areas of a person's aura may be different colors.  The color you pick for one area may be different than another area.

Once you think you see it, have them sway from side to side.  The energy field you see should move with their movement.  An after-image would not move with the person, it would only move as your own eyes moved.  Also, after-images are the exact opposite color of what you were looking at; auras may be any color.

You can also practice seeing the various colors, however, by looking at after-images.  Cut out several circles, each approximately 3-4 inches in diameter, from colored construction paper, or color them in with markers.  You should end up having red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white and black circles.  Place one on a white piece of paper, and stare at it approx 30 seconds.  Remove the circle and look at the white paper.  You should see an afterimage, the exact opposite color of the circle you stared at.  Bring the color into focus, and you may find your eyes refocusing a few inches deeper than the surface of the paper, just like looking at auras.  Practice with each circle.

Most people have little problem seeing the whitish area around people.  A few months of practice, and you may notice that this whitish area separates into light yellows and blues and pinks.  More practice, and these colors will separate further; oranges may be found where you once saw yellows, greens may be seen instead of light blue.  An electric blue or purple area may also be seen close to the body, and this is the etheric body.  The etheric body is quite vivid, and may be seen within a few months of practice, even while no specific colors are visible in the rest of the person's energy.  Eventually, you may see the person's chakras, which may look like brighter energy areas, energy vortices, etc.

If you are in school, try seeing the aura around your teachers and classmates.  At work, look at the auras of your colleagues as they talk to you.  Practice on your friends!  But remember, while you may be looking at auras, others may think you're staring, so be discreet  ;)

Auras tend to have a base color, which determines the person's overall personality.  Also, several other colors may be shown at various places around the body. These other colors may describe the person's current state of mind, as well as any ailments.  Illnesses may be seen in the aura which have not yet manifested themselves physically.

Although certain colors have a general meaning, these colors may mean something totally different to you.  You will have to learn what each color (or combination of colors) means to you.  For example, some people see pain as a red inflammation, while others may see it as a black splotch.  Pink may mean love to one person, and shyness to another.  While seeing the aura, feel it emotionally.  Describe the color that you see in the way it feels to you.

Listed below are the basic Aura Colors, these may vary depending on your sight.


The strength of one's energy can be measured by his/her/its aura. An aura is the radiation of energy from an object or person, seen as a veil of neon green energy around the object. When the person or thing (and by "thing", I mean an animal because inanimate objects can't get angry, of course) is angry, the veil turns red. The aura of a person can be amplified with a energy flame.


Now that you know what an aura is, we can now learn how to see them with your Third Eye. Note that this may not work instantly. Now, let's go see some energy!

Sit in a comfortable position and begin meditating.

Open up your Third Eye chakra. To do so, look at the technique on this page.

Imagine your Third Eye chakra forming an energy link with your eyes. You may need to sit there for a minute or two while doing this step.

Visualize your Third Eye chakra becoming an actual eye in the middle of your forehead.

Mentally tell yourself that your new "eye" can see deep into your surroundings and reveal the energy stored in every single molecule.

You can then open your eyes and stop meditating. You might notice a neon green glow around the objects of your surroundings, which indicates the technique has worked. In order to fully inherit this ability, one must practice this technique a lot over a long period of time. Once you do inherit it, you won't have to perform the exercise, as you will be able to see auras at will.

Remote viewing Aura tech :[4]Edit

This tech can be used to sense someone’s aura who is not within your physical sight. I don't think there is a range limitation outside of earth but as of yet my furthest accurate reach have been Pakistan and Canada and I live in Britain so, that's a good few thousand miles either side. xD

1) Meditate. (You don’t have to but it gives better results.)

2) Build up an image of that person in your head.

3) Once you have the image place a name to it and focus on the named image.

4) If done correctly you should either: Hear an internal voice tell you their colors (or color) or see the colors for yourself coming from the image.

5) Congrats!

(Note: This tech can be used up close to, to be honest the distances involved don't really matter...With enough practice you will start to see peoples auras in person without concentrating.)

Aura exerciseEdit

All you need for this tech is a white surface, spare time and good concentration. You ready?

1) Get a white surface. (If your on a computer you can just open up a new tab and leave it blank.)

2)Place your hand against your white surface and focus the base of your middle finger. (Note: Your palm must be facing the white surface.)

3)Do this for as long as you can. You may start to colors radiating from your fingers and hand. These we want do not be distracted.

4)If you got the colors keep practicing the same thing.

Have fun!

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