Aerokinesis Binaural Beats

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Aerokinesis is the ability to manipulate air/wind with the mind. With this ability, users are able to control the winds that he/she connects to.

Developing AerokinesisEdit

Connecting with the wind: The first thing in developing Aerokinesis is establishing a good connection with air. To start this, you can either meditate inside or outside either one works. Start out meditating for 15 to 30 mins to clear the mind from thoughts and clutter to improve your concentration ability. Next, go outside to a small area in the grass or fields and close your eyes. Focus your mind on releasing the energy to the air (it can be Psi, Ki or any other energy) and see it merging with the air around you. You can also visualize your energy being like strings threaded with the air/wind that you can pull on to summon winds. Now that your energy is one with the wind, you can begin moving the wind just by having the energy blowing the wind to the direction you want it to go. Visualize the wind following the energy to the direct path you want it to go. Don't force it, just let it happen.

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